Cosmic Coffee Company

Cosmic Coffee Company was started in 2009 in Honolulu HI and relocated to Santa Clara CA in 2012. All our coffees are specialty graded and imported through Organic Products Trading Company and Royal Coffee. We also purchase directly from coffee farmers whenever possible. We seek out responsibly grown coffees from farmers who care for our mother earth, their communities and the quality not quantity of their coffees. All roasted coffees are labeled accordingly: Organic, Fair Trade, Certified Rain Forrest Alliance and/or Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center certified as bird friendly shade grown.

We believe in paying a living wage to the farmers. They work incredibly hard in some very harsh conditions. In order for us to succeed we need to make sure the farmers succeed.  We support the Café Femenino Foundation and purchase green coffee from Café Femenino farms. To learn more about Café Femenino and what they do for women coffee farmers visit them at  http://www.coffeecan.org/about-us.


photograph by Angel Colmenares

Carlos, the man behind the coffee, is into the science of coffee and expresses his passion for it though the art of roasting and brewing. ” I am always learning everything coffee keeping what is useful discarding what is not. From there I develop my skills methodically with science and artistically with intuition.” He takes the time to develop a unique roast profile for every varietal of coffee he roasts. This often means roasting several test batches of the same beans. Coffee beans have different sizes, density and moisture content depending on the variety, age, where and how the beans were grown and processed. Keeping the profile consistent from batch to batch can also depend on the weather; heat, humidity and cold temperatures can also affect the roast. This is just the basics but you get the idea. In 2009 Carlos was the first barista in the state of Hawaii to become an International Academy of Specialty Coffee certified barista. He started roasting coffee in 2007. He continues to educate himself in all things coffee; earning certificates from The Specialty Coffee Association  in such areas as Golden Cup Standards, Green Coffee Roasting, Craft Roasting and Identifying Defects in Green and Roasted Coffee. Carlos also handcrafts the water for the Dark Matter Cold Brew. He entirely build-out the coffee bar by hand from scratch including the carpentry, plumbing and electrical. You can check out his Instagram page @ cosmiccoffeeco_ceo.