private coffee bar

Open Wednesdays 9am-1pm by appointment only.

Because we mainly sell our coffees at farmer’s markets we’re often asked if we have a brick and mortar location as if this somehow makes us more legit. The answer is sort of. Our production facility is located in the Lafayette Business Park in Santa Clara, California. It’s not a retail coffee shop; you won’t find free wi-fi, pumpkin spiced lattes or cute tables for two. You will find people who are passionate about the whole process of specialty coffee. We choose to serve only unadulterated black coffee so you can taste the difference in coffees from different regions and roast levels. A lot of time and effort goes into ethically sourcing green coffee, developing a roast profile, cupping for aromas and tasting notes and finally best brewing methods for each coffee. Seriously would you add cream and sugar when you’re wine tasting? That’s crazy right?! So if you want to come in and learn about the science and art of coffee making the private coffee bar is open by appointment only.  Private tastings start at $50 per person, 6 persons max. Carlos will be your host and will happily chat all things coffee with you. A fun event for coffee lovers, coffee enthusiasts or curious minds. Hope to see you there.